Crosby's Adventure

Hi there! I felt it only appropriate to kick this project off with the first event that I had dreamt up after my wedding, the baby shower for my best friend and my future godson. (Whom now, coincidentally is here... 5 weeks early and ready to take on the world.) 

While on the tail end of my honeymoon I was already making big plans for the adventures of Crosby, who then we thought was a girl. What started off with feather and dreams, quickly turned into adventure for my little chief. Crosby Henry Fasulkey, CHF. My dude. 

Lots of love and planning went into this day so I hope y'all enjoy! Big love to Hey Dad Furniture CO. for the table rentals and Lisa from Laney Catering for  some pretty amazing brunch snacks. Also, to my good friend Mo for opening up her amazing and well decorated home! Photo magic by Ebbs Photography.